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to stick with your school program while distance learning.

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Pods are NOT micro-schools.

Learning pods are small groups of kids and families who get together to share learning time and work time during a distance learning school day. Easier said than done, right?

We developed this site and eBook to help families navigate the details of putting together a pod plan that's fun for kids and good for grown-ups, too!



Hi! We are Alicia & Molly, your pod pros (also parents and teachers).


Like many of you, we were in a panic about what distance learning would hold for our families this year. We decided to put our heads together and combine our over 30 years of experience in the classroom to design a plan for cooperative distance learning that can work in many different settings and without spending money on private instruction or extra supervision.

How To Pod is for everyone- we have tools to help you create a program that works for your pod whether they are in Kindergarten or Middle/High School; whether you live in the middle of the city or out in farm country. Our research-based plans include pre-filled and fillable forms to make your work easy + loads of resources (and a little history lesson, too- I mean, we are teachers). And we offer support services to help guide you through any rough patches!

Now, more than ever, we have to find ways to create community and to help one another out. We hope that How To Pod helps YOU to get on a pod path that is fun for your kids and good for the grown-ups, too!

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early elementary parent

The guiding questions and format for meetings and decision-making is really smart! Navigating these conversations and decisions is new for everyone...the eBook has given me new tools for having those conversations.



elementary & middle school parent

This is amazing! You all are geniuses. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. Leave it to Molly and Alicia to see a need and fill it!

Read all about it! Featured in:



middle school & high school parent

I'm not an expert on distance learning, but Molly and Alicia have made me and my family feel equipped to successfully start a pod with our middle and high school students. I highly recommend their eBook and services!