Pod Basics | Health and Safety State by State

Take a look at the state-level guidance for health and safety practices for families.

Pod Basics | Podcasts, Movement, and Brain Breaks

Did you know that we are wired for rest? And that our productivity goes down, when we make no time for breaks? Kids need to move their bodies about every 45 minutes at a minimum. Take a look at a few examples here for breaks from regular curricular learning.

Pod Basics | Teens & Tweens

Parent of an older “tweens” or teen student, may be thinking: Do traditional learning pod guidelines and plans really work for older kids? The answer: Yes! But with a few modifications. Older students need and deserve a greater sense of 1) independence and 2) agency. This means that the process of developing your pod will be more collaborative with them. Take a look at some of the resources we've gathered to support teen pods.