Podding with teens and tweens

If you are a parent of an older “tween” or teen student, you may be thinking: Do these
pod guidelines and plans really work for older kids? The answer: Yes! But with a few
modifications. Older students need and deserve a greater sense of 1) independence
and 2) agency. This means that the process of developing your pod will be more
collaborative with them, versus deciding on their behalf. And it means that they will be
permitted to design and implement their own schedule, with accountability checks of
course! Here is a simple framework for developing a pod plan with your older students:

  • Discuss and agree upon who the logical friend groups are for this pod.

  • Discuss and agree upon a SET of safe work spaces.

  • Designate an “anchor” space if you aren’t doing a consistent home rotation.

  • Designate an “alpha” or key communicator for the student group.

  • Make agreements! These are shared expectations for kids and parents.

  • Set up an accountability framework- who is checking in with who, how often, etc.

  • Keep it fun and create incentives! Just because these kids are older doesn't mean they don't appreciate (and need) occasional rewards.